Sunday, November 15, 2009

18 months and a few days

After too much work, and not near enough fun, I’m trying to tip the balance back the other way.

After Halloween, we went to OMSI, our local Hands on Science Museum for their $2.00 day. At $2.00/person, we figured something would entertain Little S. Boy, did it ever! They have an entire room devoted to hands on play/exploration/discovery for the little ones. She migrated right to the water play exhibits. And the puddles on the floor. “Splash” being one of her words she likes to use. She took a break from splashing to have Mommy sit down on the wet bench with her IMG_1315

After making sure Mommy was wet, she found a book and Daddy’s dry lap to enjoy for a while


Despite there being more days with rain than sun, we manage to still get to the playground, where she continues to be a brave little monkey IMG_1319

WHEEEEEE! She loves hanging on to things and swinging.  Dad’s the lucky guy who most often gets to go play with Little S IMG_1335

Did I mention she likes to hang from things and swing?  IMG_1337

And that she’s a little climbing monkey IMG_1339

The abacus is about 4 feet off the ground to start with.

Little S has a new furry friend. He’s red and he is appearing on her feet lately


“Elmo” is up there on her favorite words list. When she awoke to those slippers in her room, she spotted them right away, pointing and yelling “Elmo”.  After some exploration, she let me put them on to fend off the morning chill. Not that they stayed on long, and there was the incident with the dog thinking they were her toy, but I think that’s resolved now. But watching Furry S follow Little S around the room for the slippers was pretty funny. Of course, the camera was out of reach and the memory card was full for those escapades.

Tomorrow should be a big, exciting day. Here’s a sneak preview IMG_1357

Hopefully it won’t take another two weeks to keep current on her coming adventures.

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Zozopdx said...

wow, how fun! Anneke just discovered Grover. when is $2 day at OMSI??? we have got to get those girls together!