Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Melancholy. Baby.

As summer sets in, and Little S’ home for her first nine months is still there in all it’s glory, I’ve gotten more bummed about missing workouts.

Thanks to Big S, I’ve been able to bike to work about once a week for the last month-today included. On the way home, I pass the track that I used to run at every Tuesday night with my running club. Being as how it was a Tuesday, I glanced over and saw several of the regulars there and started reflecting back onto my pre-baby life. All the workouts, two a day. Years of never missing a track practice-even trying to schedule work around that and other workouts. (Not that it made me any faster, but at least I could pretend). Thinking wistfully about that nice, repetitive schedule.

But then I realized, ten or fifteen years from now-what if that were still my life? Every Monday, running at Niketown. Tuesdays and Thursday mornings at the pool and so on. If I looked back on that in many years, it would seem downright boring. Sure, a schedule is nice, but, it can become repetitive-a grind even*. I thought about it and while I probably still won’t be fast or skinny in ten or fifteen years,  at least I can say that life since May 7, 2008 was NEVER boring.


Thanks Little S! I look forward to many, MANY interesting and fun days ahead.

*not to say that only people with kids lead interesting lives.

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