Monday, June 15, 2009

Before I go…

Squeezing in a quick post before I leave for Reno for work for a week. I know Big and Little S will just have a blast without me-as usual!

I got some unexpected extra time with Little S this week as the poor babysitter had strep. Or possibly worse, but we aren’t thinking about that yet. It was a very long week tying up loose ends at the office so that everything could function without me physically being there. Even my Thursday at home ended up being a 10 hour work day, thanks to big S coming home early so I could go in to the office. He saved me from having a 15 hour day!

However, working like a dog all week allowed me to get caught up enough to actually take a few hours off on Friday and have some fun with Little S, all weekend long. Gotta pack it in before I leave her sweet face for a week!

The babysitter’s son must have left one of his trucks here, which Little S discovered


No negative gender stereotypes being reinforced in this house. Playing with the truck was cheered on. She pushed it all around. Which means the photos are all blurry because a truck drivin’ gal on the move is hard to get a good photo of


In addition to pursuing a career as a truck driver, Little S has been working on her backup career as a musician. Some of her playing styles are unique shall we say. But hey-maybe it’s her ticket to stardom!

I’ll have that memory with me all week long.

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Zozopdx said...

ohhh, best of luck on your trip! I know little S will have a blast with her Daddy!!!