Thursday, May 27, 2010

Embarrassingly late birthday post

Better late than never?

A balance bike for her birthday IMG_2105

It’s still a little big for her, but she likes to ride it with us holding her. She does get a little confused and ask "pedals?” and try and put her feet where the pedals should be. This bike doesn’t have pedals, but instead she pushes it along with her feet and learns to balance on two wheels. When she has mastered that, we’ll add in pedals and maybe skip the whole training wheel thing. Although it does seem like such a rite of passage, maybe we’ll get some anyway.

A book and bubbles




Golf clubs (she always loves to watch the golfers when we run by the golf course)


She uses the clubs a little like pool cues, but she makes contact with the club heads to the ball. Then she hides everything under the couch.

Birthday call with Grandma and Grandpa Bob IMG_2122

and Bob the Builder! Very appropriate.

Birthday cupcakes


Two candles already. Unbelievable.

Less messy this year.



The Sunday after her birthday, Dad let her try out her new skis.


The best part of skiing?


Eating snow.

Happy 2nd Birthday monkey!

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Zozopdx said...

WOW, impressed with the skis! but so sorry we missed it. I know she'll enjoy the balance bike!