Thursday, August 27, 2009

more videos

Making up for the long blogging break with some videos.

I told you she liked her bike. Here’s some biking and kitty happiness.

She CAN walk, she just chooses not to.

And a still from our night of 1000 babies! The hostel in NW Portland has music, brats and beer and our friends invited us. So, we went up there for a spell. Several friends and their babies were there. We got to meet 6 month old G and see his Mom whom I hadn’t seen since I worked with her years ago, before she went to work in India for several years.

He was fascinated with Little S, she just wanted to climb the stairs.


Summer sunflower waiting to unfurl


Sofia looking for birds


As August winds down, we still have many adventures in store! Although every day with Little S is an exciting adventure.

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soilmama said...

love the videos! sam is already asking to play them again too.